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Workshop and Wellness Offerings!

I love this work, because I know it truly helps others. I’d love to help you, too.

Presenting at Watchung workshop 2017

I am pleased to announce to offer five different workshops which combine both theory and practical tools to help participants live happier, healthier, more flourishing lives.

The workshops are generally two hours long. However, shorter versions — like Lunch and Learn programs — can be tailored to fit your needs. Email me at

Office Retreats and ongoing classes (particularly “Meditating for Happiness” and “Positive Psychology and You”) can also be arranged to suit your needs.

The five workshops are:

  • “Strengths-Based Happiness” The pioneering positive psychology researchers spent a lot of time focusing on signature strengths, and universally-admired virtues and strengths, as a key to our greater well-being and flourishing.  This workshop has gotten unanimously positive review thus far. You will find it to be fun, insightful — maybe even transformative.
  • “Meditating for Deep Well-being” Having a regular meditation practice is just about the best thing anyone of us can do for our own happiness, as well as having greater compassion and making better decisions for the greater world around us. The good news is, there are hundreds of ways anyone can do this, regardless of your religion, busy lifestyle or active mind. I’ll share a variety of methods so you can find one or two you like.
  • “Self-care Tools for Stressful Times” During this tumultuous time, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, distressed, angry, sad, and a little lost.  Fortunately, positive psychology and the science of happiness have a treasure trove of tools and strategies proven to help us feel better, thrive, and be more resilient when life gets challenging.
  • “Conflict Resolution for More Positive Relationships” Given that healthy relationships are the most important component of happiness, learning how to productively cope with the inevitable conflicts is a vital skill for all of us. In this one, I combine my unique training — a Masters in Mediation and Applied Conflict Studies, and a Certificate in Positive Psychology — to provide new insight and tools into growing and maintaining good relationships.
  • “Gratitude for a Happier, Healthier, Better You” It’s not just being polite, or an Hallmark Card invention — a regular gratitude practice has proven mental, physical and spiritual benefits. Learn more about both the research and fresh new ways you can start or deepen your own gratitude practice.
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