Genuine well being for ourselves and the planet


To book Ginny for your bookstore, library, place of worship, business, or nonprofit:

  • email,
  • or call or test at 802-272-5628.

The email is more reliable as Ginny lives in a rural area with unreliable cell coverage.

Comments on: "Contact" (3)

  1. Anonymous said:

    Ginny, I lost your email address when I changed my email address, again! I have a lifelong email address now with gmail-

    Now for the reason I am trying to get in touch today is, what is the second to last line in the Bone Builders song about friendship? Typing up copies for all.

    • Hasso, I sent you an email … but while we’re here, have you checked out the Happiness Day in Montpelier page? And/or, the Joyful Creativity Retreats page?

  2. […] Contact Ginny Sassaman for information on her classes, workshops, and UU teachings. […]

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