Genuine well being for ourselves and the planet

Speaking Engagements, Sermons, and Presentations

Ginny Sassaman delivering the morning keynote speech at the national gross national happiness conference in Burlington, Vermont.

Ginny Sassaman delivering the morning keynote speech at the national gross national happiness conference in Burlington, Vermont in 2014


It has been my great pleasure to deliver more than two dozen sermons at Unitarian Universalist churches in Vermont, Massachusetts, South Carolina, and Wisconsin. I am happy to travel to be your lay preacher. You can hear a recent sermon kindness here, delivered at the Unitarian Church of Montpelier in April 2019. All of my sermons can be adapted to serve multiple faith communities. Your congregation might benefit from one of the following:

  1. “Happiness For Everyone: Our Moral Obligation to Change the Economic Paradigm”:
  2. “Happiness Runs In a Circular Motion” (Happiness 101)
  3. “Happiness Is Not a Spectator Sport”:  (Happiness and activism)
  4. “All You Need Is Love – But, It’s Complicated” (Relationships!)
  5. “Can We All Just Get Along: Social Comparison & Empathy”
  6. “Clouds: Looking at Happiness From Both Sides” (Using my M.S. in mediation to discuss conflict resolution)
  7. “Forgiveness is Beautiful”
  8. “The Web of Life: the Interconnected Happiness of Humans and Other Animals”
  9. “Kindness Is Magnificent”
  10. “Attitude of Gratitude” 

And coming soon: lifelong learning, nature, beauty, resilience, and, “Can Happiness Save Us?”


Preparing for another wonderful Sunday service in Barnard, Vermont, July 2018.


Speeches and Presentations: 

These have included:

  • Presenting on Gross National Happiness USA to the Gross Global Happiness conference at the United Nations University for Peace in Costa Rica, March 2019
  • Presenting to Irish politicians participating in the Carnegie-UK sponsored wellness project re Gross National Happiness USA in New York City, October 2018
  • Presenting on the Happiness Walk to the Hatch Innovation Lab, Portland, Oregon, May 2018
  • Presenting on the Happiness Walk to the Embodied Positive Psychology Conference at Kripalu, in Lenox, Massachusetts, April 2017
  • Presenting on “Secular Meditation in the Workplace” to the Vermont Wellness Conference in Burlington, VT, March 2017
  • Speaking to the Santa Fe, New Mexico Unitarian Universalist church re the Happiness Walk, May 2016
  • Morning keynote speaker, May 2014 national conference, “Happiness and Wellbeing: The Gross National Happiness Movement.”
  • Presenter at the August 2012 national happiness and wellbeing conference in Seattle, Washington.

I am always honored to share my knowledge and experience with groups who may benefit from my heart felt expressions of invaluable personal and systems information.

If you are looking for a guest lay service leader or a speaker for your conference or other event who can address the connection between personal happiness and the vital work we are all striving to accomplish in this troubled world, please let me know.  I can tailor my remarks to suit your specific situation or congregation.

My style is relaxed, warm, authentic, inclusive, and passionate, with an emphasis on the knowledge to be shared rather than any extraneous bells and whistles.



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  1. Wonder work! Thank you so much! Are any of your sermons or talks available online?

    • No, sadly, none are available!! I’ve been thinking I should do something like that, but it hasn’t risen to the top of the list yet. Thank you so much for your interest, and enthusiasm.

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